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Epsom Salt and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Soak - SORE MUSCLE SOAK

Relieve achy and sore muscles with our Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink Sea bath salts infused with Sweet Almond Oil and vitamin e to soften the skin. This soak will soothe, relax, and refresh you after a long day. Just tip some in the tub & emerge rejuvenated & radiant!!

De-stress your mind and de-toxify your body with our SORE MUSCLE RELIEF bath soak. Our salts come straight from the source and are never chemically altered, ensuring both a high mineral content and nutrient rich soak.

Out of the ancient sea beds of the Dead Sea come some of the worlds finest diamond like salt crystals. These salts are comprised of 21 essential minerals that are naturally occurring in our bodies. Throughout the day these minerals are lost. Enjoying a relaxing, cleansing soak in Dead Sea salt enriched waters helps replenish this mineral balance, hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and break down toxins under the surface of the skin.

The minerals inside a high-quality bath salt promote healthy, more youthful skin. When you use a high quality bath salt, you’ll find your skin will feel smoother and softer after your bath. Bath salt also helps purge impurities from your skin, resulting in a clean, radiant glow.

Known skin benefits of bathing in premium quality Pink Himalayan Salt andDead Sea Salts include: stimulates circulation, eases sore muscles, detoxifies your skin, and reduces stress level.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, and Grapefruit Essential Oil, and Lavender Buds and Sweet Almond Oil