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Toner Rosewater Hydrosol, Detox Face Mask Facial Gift Set

Welcome to clear, dewy, youthful skin! Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face and décolletage with these premium plant based natural skin care products. This hydrating set reduce blemishes, clarify the complexion and return your skin to its optimal health. This facial kit will help fight off the bacteria causing breakouts, will reduce inflammation. help control over production of sebum, gently exfoliate, and nourish the skin.

Rose - Pink Clay Mask

By using the power of plants, minerals organic rosehip powder, hibiscus powder and chamomile flowers help to reduces acne, alleviates redness while gently exfoliate, and nourish the skin for optimal functioning. This delicate mix of botanicals draws and detoxifies, leaving skin soft, smooth and nourished. With the addition of organic rose geranium essential oil this mask is a treat for your skin and your senses!

ingredients: French pink clay, rosehip powder*, hibiscus powder*, chamomile flower* powder and rose geranium oil*

Face Nectar - Facial Toner

Face Nectar is a facial toner/moisturizer made with rose water, witch hazel hydrosol (herbal water), rose hydrosol (herbal water) hempseed oil,& essential oil of rose geranium. This hydrating nectar cools, refreshes, tones and offers a completely natural scent.

ingredients: witch hazel hydrosol*, rose geranium hydrosol*, hemp seed oil*, rose geranium oil*

Magic Turmeric Facial Balm

Infused calendula and comfrey leaf oil are powerful anti-agers that promote collagen and elasticity and leave the skin visibly plump and revived. This face balm melts on touch to a golden fluid that protects, soothes and moisturizes the skin. With essential oils of geranium and lemon which gives it a great, floral and citrus scent.

ingredients: infused oil of calendula flowers* and comfrey leaf*(olive oil*, jojoba oil*), cocoa butter*, sweet almond oil*, tamanu oil*, turmeric*, beeswax*, non-gmo vitamin e*, geranium oil* and lemon oil*


+Start with detoxing and sofenting Rose clay Mask, then follow with Face Nectar to hydrate and moisture your skin then lo and even skin tone with Magic facial balm