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Foot Polish - Detox Foot Scrub - Peppermint and Tea Tree

This foot soak that will give your feet much needed TLC. This soak is for anyone that walks on their feet and wears any type of footwear. That means everyone!!!!!! LOL. Our feet are neglected on a daily basis and they need TLC to keep doing their job while looking pretty. Our feet contains millions of sweat glands, as anyone who's ever suffered from foot odor is well aware. These sweat glands are also an exit point for toxins that accumulate in our bodies. 

This amazing foot scrub refreshes and relaxes worn out feet and is perfect after a long day! Infused with natural peppermint and tea tree oils, our scrub helps to relieve the symptoms of muscle, joint, and nerve pain, while combating bacteria and fungus to help prevent nasty infections. This scrub is naturally rich in menthol to cool and brighten skin, and contains omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients for relaxed muscles and healthy skin. Made with pure pink himalayan sea salt and european sea salt, this scrub creates the ultimate muscle relaxation and tension release. Enriched with organic sweet almond oil and organic coconut oil our luxurious scrub replenishes dry and worn out skin, cleanse your feet from dirt and bacteria, and provides superior skin hydration. 

ingredients: pink himalyian sea salt, european spa salt, peppermint* and tea tree* oil, sweet almond oil* and unrefined coconut oil*