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Facial Gift Box

Experience Natural Mixologist's luxurious facial collection, beautifully gift boxed for the ultimate indulgence for yourself or a loved one.

Detoxify Facial Mask:
Our activated charcoal mask was formulated to give your skin a deep cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, and luminous glow. Activated charcoal becomes positively charged, becoming a magnet for all the toxins in our skin. This mask is a blend of:

French Green Clay - also know as sea clay, is a fantastic cleanser and gently exfoliates the skin. Rich in minerals such as dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium, this very fine green powdery clay aids the skin in healing and rids the skin of harmful toxins through an ionic charge that acts as a magnet, tightening and toning the pores and reducing inflammation.

Activated Charcoal - has the ability to draw impurities, oil, toxins and dirt to the surface of the skin helping to deeply cleanse your complexion and fight acne. Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils are both antiseptic, soothing and help to treat skin irritations.

Bentonite Clay - is known to draw out impurities and toxins and is often used to alleviate acne and facial blemishes.

A bamboo wooden spoon accompanies this clay mask


Rose Clay Mask:
This beautiful rose clay mask is made with only the best and purest ingredients. It's a detox mask so it sucks out all the impurities and toxins that are stuck in your pores.

This organic rosehiip, hibiscus an chamomile flower powder helps to reduces acne, alleviates redness while softening the skin. The rose geranium essential oil in this pink clay mask are a treat for your skin and your senses! This delicate mix of botanicals draws and detoxifies, leaving skin soft, smooth and nourished.Facial Nectar Hydrosol:


Magic Facial Balm:
Infused calendula and comfrey leaf oil are powerful anti-agers that promote collagen and elasticity and leave the skin visibly plump and revived. This face balm melts on touch to a golden fluid that protects, soothes and moisturizes the skin. With essential oils of geranium and lemon which gives it a great, floral and citrus scent.

Facial Nectar:
Face Nectar is a facial toner/moisturizer made with rose water, witch hazel hydrosol (herbal water), rose hydrosol (herbal water) hempseed oil,& essential oil of rose geranium. ALL NATURAL & gentle; great for sensitive skin

Shipped in wooden gift box