Our Mission Statement


We will create, with our hands, thoughtfully crafted products that embrace respect for the earth, body and mind.

Natural Mixologist grew out of a love for my children nieces and nephews. We as parents and guardians decided that we wanted our family to live a more creative life that respects nature, our bodies and our planet. We wanted to be a participant in the earth’s eco structure and embrace its simplicity. Creating thoughtfully crafted products with a purpose.

Our belief that when you make something with your hands a piece of your soul goes into that object. Your hands are masters of creation, its giving life to an lifeless object. We respect handcrafted products that are made with respect for the earth, respect for the craft and is thoughtfully crafted. We embrace handcrafted artisans that encompasses those virtues and values. Additionally, our customers are not consumers they are partners with us in journey of learning what we need as humans to be better caretakers of our home, the earth and our body, the temple.