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Why U Need Beard Oil/Butter

Why U Need Beard Oil/Butter

April 26, 2015 2 Comments

I know that you're currently using something that’s on her dresser and if your a man with a curly haired girl she has a lot (way too many choices). Also, most times those hair concoctions are full of chemicals that don't really do the job. Yes, it gives your beard that softness you're looking for; but only for a very short period, then it's dry and crunchy. Any curly haired women know your woes. We've been through the same awful daily dose of emotions from elation to despair with many hair products. You don't want those nasty chemicals in your face messing with your smooth and blemish-free skin underneath… botanical beard butter

That's why you need an organic all natural beard oil/butter that will heal and soothe your skin beneath while giving your beard shine and moisture. Gentlemen's Swag beard oil/butter is the perfect solution, it will give your beard the softness and shine that it deserves. It enhances your BEARDTASTIC style, so everyone eyes are on your beard first, then you.

Our beard oil/butter moisturizes your skin with vitamins E and A. It also promotes healthy hair growth and stops beard itch and dandruff. They also address specific problems below-the-beard acne, and sensitive skin, without feeling greasy.

With Love,

AKA….a bearded guys girlfriend!!

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2 Responses

Roberto Capeles Jr
Roberto Capeles Jr

August 17, 2015

The Beard Oil works great right after scrubbing it with the Beard Soap. The shine it gives not only lasts the whole day, it makes my beard feel truly cleaned and maintained. Instead of having a rough and dry looking beard. Try it for yourself.


April 30, 2015

The Urban Swag Beard Butter is an awesome product. I use it daily in the morning. It leaves my beard feeling great and has a shine to it that last throughout the day.

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