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Infused Coffee Oil for Stretch Marks!!!!

Infused Coffee Oil for Stretch Marks!!!!

October 22, 2015

Stretch Marks and Coffee

Stretch marks are a common concern for most women including myself (after having 3 kids, it's a big concern). Stretch Marks are caused by rapid changes in skin growth due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain or weight loss. Although they appear to be on the top layer of our skin, stretch marks are actually in the middle layer. Stretch mark can be very difficult to lighten however it has been discovered that coffee can help to lighten and decrease stretch marks.

The caffeine in coffee, when directly applied to the skin, stimulates blood flow and circulation. This helps with cell regeneration. The ground coffee’s texture is an exfoliant which removes dead cells and loose skin, giving new skin cells an opportunity to receive proper moisture. Coffee is an excellent remedy for stretch marks removal. It contains a chemical which helps to lighten the scars and tighten the skin. It is loaded with antioxidants and caffeine which works as a tightener to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Listed below are some benefits of Coffee:

Tightens the Skin: Topical use can tighten fine lines and smooth puffy skin. Using creams that contain caffeine are absorbed by your skin and the result is tighter looking skin. 

  • Repairs UV Damage: Caffeine is considered a powerful antioxidant and stronger than the polyphenols found in green tea. It is the strongest antioxidant in fighting UV damage.
  • Treatment of Rosaceae: Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means is constricts blood vessels to reduce redness. When applied topically, caffeine works as a diuretic and aids in circulation.

Infused Coffee Oil

You can make all kinds of fun and healing lotions, salves and balms when you infuse them. What about coffee? Basically, the same premise applies. I infuse organic coffee with my chosen “powerhouse” oils of olive, safflower, jojoba, argan and sweet almond to create an oil that will penetrate deep into the skin to lighten stretch marks and tighten skin. Add a few essential oils with organic coconut oil, organic unrefined shea and mango butter and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse moisturizer body butter to heal your skin and lighten your stretch marks.

How it’s Done

I prefer the Cold or Solar Infusion Method to infuse my oils.


  • 1 cup Organic or a Dark Roast ground coffee
  • 6 oz. of Oils of Olive or Jojoba - Use oils that have a long shelf life Click here for "Garden of Wisdom" a link to carrier oil shelf life
  • 1 Cheesecloth or Coffee Strainer ( you can find the small ones in Target in the coffee aisle)

Cold Infusion Method

  1. Add coffee grounds into a heavy mason jar and.
  2. Add carrier oils making sure you cover coffee with additional room, then I place the jar on a sunny ledge.
  3. Shake the jar about once to twice a day. I infuse my coffee oil for about 2-4 weeks.
  4. Then I strain through cheesecloth or wire mesh strainer. (Cheesecloth comes in handy for removing any of the smaller bits of coffee).

infused coffee oil

Warm Infusion Method

  1. Complete step 1 
  2. Put the jar of oil and coffee grounds into a pot for the double boiler.
  3. Turn heat to medium to low.
  4. Allow oil to infuse for up to 5-7 hours to infuse as much of the coffee into the oil as possible.
  5. Remove from the double boiler.Strain through cheesecloth or wire mesh strainer. (Cheesecloth comes in handy for removing any of the smaller bits of coffee).
  6. Pour infusion into a clean jar and label.It is now ready to use.

I strain out the coffee and use the oil for my Sexy Back Whipped Body Butter, the scent of this body butter is a little bit sweet with a note of coffee, sort of like classic New Orleans chicory coffee.

I use Sexy Back Body Butter twice a week to help reduce my stretch marks and tighten the skin on my stomach. I also have a blog post about on How to Infuse Herbal Oil. Remember you can replace the coffee for any herb to make your own infused oil

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