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How to Apply Beard Butter

How to Apply Beard Butter

December 27, 2014 2 Comments

beard butter

Using beard butter is simple and it's an important part of a healthy beard regime.

  1. Scoop out a pea to dime sized amount of butter, depending on how long is your beard,  with the back of your thumbnail and rub between your palms.
  2. Run your fingers through your beard, starting from the neck and working up, making sure to rub beard butter into the skin where your beard grows to nourish the hair at its’ roots. Reverse and run your fingers through your beard in a downward motion spreading the beard butter down the hair to nourish and hydrate the follicles.
  3. Don’t forget your mustache and the hair around your mouth (it is important to keep that area nice and soft for kissing).
  4. Brush through with a natural boars hair brush. The bristles on the brush stimulate the natural oils (sebum) present in the skin and draw them along the hair shafts, essential for keeping hair clean, healthy, shiny, and protected.
  5. Brush or comb your beard downward to help straighten your beard, 
  6. Don’t forget to wash your hands!” Rinse off all those excess oils and then towel dry your hands. Now you're ready to take on your day with a well-conditioned beard.

Watch our youtube video on applying beard butter.

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2 Responses

Roberto Capeles Jr
Roberto Capeles Jr

August 17, 2015

I love this product! Coming off of vacation from Aruba, it made my beard stick out with such a glow that I received many compliments.


June 03, 2015

love this article! Right on! Love your products!
Whoever reads this: TRY THEIR BEARD BUTTER

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