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Benefits of French Pink Clay

Benefits of French Pink Clay

February 25, 2017

French pink mask

What is French Pink Clay?

French Pink Clay is a kaolin clay. It is a mild clay that can be used on sensitive skin. Kaolinite clay is a naturally occurring clay substance mostly found in soils that have developed from the chemical weathering of rocks in hot, moist climates. A good example of such a climate is the tropical rain forest.  Kaolin clay’s absorptive and adsorptive powers are used to remedy a variety of skin concerns. They are several types of kaolin clay:

  • Bentonite Clay
  • Green (Zeolite Clay)
  • Rhassoul Clay
  • Sea Clay
  • Rose (French Pink Clay) Clay
  • Brazilian Clay
  • Dead Sea Clay

rose clay

Benefits of French Pink Clay

French Pink clay is for cell renewal, skin rejuvenation and improving elasticity. It is very effective for mature skin. It also helps to reduce puffiness to eyes and dark circles under eyes. Pink Clay is also great for dry skin because it doesn't every dry the skin like most clays. It has gently cleansing and detoxing and skin softening benefits for those with sensitive skin types. To sum it up, French Clay is a cleanser, detoxifier and exfoliator to rejuvante overworked skin.

Discover French Pink Clay (Rose Clay)

Our Rose Clay Mask is gently and powerful, with the added benefits of rose hip powder, hibiscus powder and chamomile flower powder and delicately scented with rose geranium essential oil. It will heal, tone and clear your complexion with amazing and powerful botanicals.  

rose clay mask

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