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Five Amazing Gift Ideas Handcrafted from Wood

Five Amazing Gift Ideas Handcrafted from Wood

February 15, 2017

I love well-crafted gifts, especially those made with wood. The intoxicating scent and texture of wood are its most unique features. I have listed my favorite gifts made with wood.

1. NOLA Boards - The owners of NOLA boards uses domestic and exotic wood to create amazing cutting boards for every chopping kitchen task.

2. Harley London - The owner of Harley London, Charlotte Aquarius, uses indigenous wood from Louisiana to create wooden cufflinks, lapel pins, journals, coasters and much more.

3. Cuchi Organics - I love these wooden bamboo spoons. They are great for using with a clay mask. 

wooden spoon

4. ROOT -Creates sustainable watches and sunglasses for men and women


5. Two Guys Bow Ties - They create amazing bow ties made from wood with unique accents.


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