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Why your skin loves OIL????

Why your skin loves OIL????

September 10, 2015

We have been programed to believe oil is bad for our skin.

Keywords are constantly being thrown at us such as, oil-prone, oily or greasy skin. This mantra that has been drummed into our brains have caused so many people skin damage.

Our avoidance of oil actually impairs the skins ability to heal. The right combinations of of oils targeted for different skincare needs provide powerful properties to normalize oil production, reduce the signs of aging, and refine the skins texture all this creates FLAWLESS skin. When blended, natural oils do not cause oily skin or clog pores. Only when we use synthetic oils, like mineral oil we run into these problems. body oil

Additionally using plant oils as a carrier, nourishing butters and blending them with therapeutic and powerful essential oils creates moisturizers and targeted treatments that delivers the most potent form of nutrients directly to the skin. Without fillers like water and preservatives, the oils are quickly absorbed and go to work balancing the skin.

I will be blogging about the best oils for your skin daily. Yesterday I posted a blog about Lavender and Tea Tree Essential and their benefits for eczema and acne prone skin. Stay tuned for more information about oils for your skin!!!!

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