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Why I Make Natural and Handcrafted Soaps

Why I Make Natural and Handcrafted Soaps

October 21, 2015 1 Comment


I love the way natural and handcrafted soap looks, the feel of it on my skin and how healing it is for my family's skin. 

My youngest son suffers from eczema so extreme that he was once sent home from school with a note from the nurse stating that he had Chicken Pox. I bought him to the doctor and he's Chicken Pox was eczema. Of course, I knew this beforehand but had to prove to the school nurse that this was case. From that moment, I threw out all of my super scented bath scrubs and body soaps, it was damaging my son’s skin.

For the next couple of weeks, I did research on soaps and lotions to solve his problem naturally. This is how I discovered Etsy, to purchase handcrafted and all natural soaps.  These soaps took the place of chemical laced soaps, body scrubs and washes. I noticed the difference in not only my son's skin but in my skin as well. No more acne on my arms and legs and my baby's skin was not so dry after bath time. 

I was so enthralled by the soaps that I began to do more research on cold process soap and decided I'm going to make soap for myself and my family. The first couple of soaps were outright disasters (lol). Making soap is science, so I had to go to school again so to speak by reading books and watching youtube videos. and relying on the wealth of knowledge from other soapers have been beneficial for me.

Along the way, I have learned what soaps I like best and I have incorporated those things into my soaps. I have transitioned into making soaps that are dye free, using natural clays to make colors and I have leaned heavily on essential oils for therapeutic and healing needs while moving away from fragrance oils.

Soaping is about being creative and I love being creative….

So stay out on the lookout for soaps using clays and fresh milks that are healing for the skin that you are in….

Check out our soaps a naturalmixologist.com  

Love Natural Mixologist…..


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Roberto Capeles Jr
Roberto Capeles Jr

August 17, 2015

Love this product as well. Finally found something that is made to wash and cleanse my beard and does its job very well.

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