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How to Apply Beard Oil

How to Apply Beard Oil

August 26, 2015


1. When washing your beard give TLC to your fantastic beard by removing all food particles and using a super cleansing soap bar. An all natural soap bar works best especially one that has activated charcoal or bentonite clay. Both are super cleansing and leaves hair super soft after washing.

2. Towel dry your beard; use one those big fluffy towels that your wife or girlfriend buys. Those are the best towels super soft and big. It's perfect for your manly beard.

3. Put a small amount of Urban Swag beard oil in the palm of your hand (fuller and longer beards may require larger amount). Don't worry about pouring too much, all of our beard oil bottles come with a reducer so no worries about spilling or over-pouring. 

4. Rub and work it into the base of your beard to coat the skin under to prevent dandruff and flaky skin. With a massaging motion, work the oil from your skin out to the ends of your beard. 

5. Now style that sexy beard with a boars bristle brush. Now you can style and shape your beard. Your beard will stay perfect the entire day barring any afternoon delight antics (beards always attract that type of attention).

6. Our "Urban Swag" scent will last the entire day keeping you and your beard Swag game complete 24/7.


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