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I create my herbal apothecary in small batches in my New Orleans workshop so that my products are as fresh as possible when they get to your doorstep. I use a variety of botanical oils, clays, and plants to create skincare that are GOOD for your entire body ..No fillers or chemical-laced scents goes into our handcrafted whole body care. Just natural essential oils, herbal infusions, organic oils and skin nourishing butters made by the planet earth.
-natural mixologist

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The Amazing herbal Water

Hydrosol water is “the essence of plant life in a bottle”. For instance, if I wanted to drain the unique essence life of a human being, I would get their childhood, their native city and everywhere they have visited, the food they have eaten, the wine they drank, everything about them even the disease they have had and fought. The same applies to hydrosol water, the unique soil, the unique seasons, and the unique region of that plant life. Every hydrosol has its own unique botanical makeup.

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Healthy Hair Butter

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  • Pink Sea Salt

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